London-Based Director of Photography &
Freelance Lighting Cameraman
Nov 23
Tellus Globe – A collaboration between Linley & Bellerby
I really love filming craftsmen and women at the top of their game. Linley make world class furniture. Bellerby make world class globes. This video shows the result of a collaboration between the two companies.
Jun 01
Ellen Hoog – Olympic Hockey Medallist
Back in November last year I went to the Netherlands and spent a week in Delft filming a documentary for the Olympic Channel. They have a series called Z-team
Mar 15
Jimmy Anderson & Joe Root – Big Brut Bash!
Back in September last year, I filmed Jimmy Anderson and Joe Root at Worksop College at the ‘Big Brut Bash’. Jimmy and Joe each picked a team, based on video submissions that members of the public had sent in. Then it was game on.
Mar 13
Swarovski – Luminous Reflections, Tord Boontje
Having filmed Tord a while back for one of his previous collaborations with Swarovski, I was looking forward to working with him again. For this shoot we travelled down to Pett Level beach on the East Sussex coast.
Feb 13
Linley Map Table Video
I thought that the desk I filmed for Linley last year would have prepared me for what can be done with wood but I was wrong. The marquetry detail on this map table that I filmed for them at the end of last year was jaw-dropping
Feb 11
Sussex Young Chef 2018
Another year, another exciting Sussex Young Chef cook-off. The awards were last week and the video has just gone live from the shoot which happened at the end of last year.
Jan 01
Olympic Channel Sport Swap
I was shooting some more content for the Olympic Channel at the end of last month, this time for a series called Sports Swap where two Olympic athletes
Dec 30
Linley Odyssey Desk
Linley makes incredible furniture. I still feel so honoured that they asked me to make a film about their headline piece for the 2017 Monaco Yacht show. I filmed in their workshop as well as at their showroom and absolutely loved it.
Nov 20
What’s it like to face Jimmy Anderson?
At the beginning of March, I went up to Old Trafford to film another social media piece with Jimmy Anderson and Joe Root. There were three or four of us in the crew and rb-create put together this edit.
Nov 16
Wayne Rooney under pressure with Sure Deodorant!
Towards the end of September I was at Everton’s training ground to film some of the Premier League’s best being put under pressure in the Sure Pressure Series.
Nov 14
Velo Birmingham – Martin Johnson
I first heard about the Velo Birmingham when I was asked to go up to Birmingham to film a pre-event ride with rugby legend Martin Johnson back in May.
Oct 31
Sure Pressure Football – Southampton
A couple of weeks ago I was at the Southampton training ground to film Allan Russell putting Nathan Redmond, Sofiane Boufal and Manolo Gabbiadini through their paces.
Sep 29
McGuigan Wine – Meatopia 2017
It’s that time of year again when everyone fires up their barbeques and opens a bottle of wine. At least that’s what everyone was doing at Meatopia 2017 when I went to film the McGuigan stand down at Tobacco dock in London back at the start of the month.
Jul 17
Jamie Murray tennis filming
I’ve just found the edit online of the filming I did at the end of June with tennis legend Jamie Murray taking on four tennis professionals in a game sponsored by Chilean wine brand Anakena for whom Jamie is an ambassador. Watch the video below to see how seriously they take it!
May 28
Filming Jimmy Anderson for Brut
I’ve filmed fast bowling cricket legend Jimmy Anderson a few times, always in relation to his  position as an ambassador for Brut Original.
May 24
Swarovski – Lanvin Spring 2017
I’ve just seen that Swarovski have uploaded their Lanvin Spring 2017 video. I shot this along with another cameraman a while back. Swarovski wanted a watery feel which we achieved with some rather Heath Robinson methods.
May 15
School Promotional Video – Crest Academy, London
Crest Academy in London approached me to film a short promotional video. I spent the day filming in and around the school as well as some pieces to camera. I loved filming there – the pupils were so accommodating and friendly.
May 13
FIFA Congress 2017 – Manama Bahrain
It’s been a busy week in Bahrain filming for IMG at the 2017 FIFA Congress. I travelled out with Pendulum Productions to cover the event and you can watch one of the edits here.
Apr 09
Giorgio Armani pop up store with celebrity vlogger Nadine Baggott
Continuing the beauty themed filming that makes up a fair proportion of my work, I was in London’s Covent Garden a couple of weeks ago filming in Giorgio Armani’s new pop-up store ‘Armani Box’.
Mar 07
Professor Stephen Hawking – Freedom of the City of London
I am still starstuck after yesterday’s job which involved filming Professor Stephen Hawking receiving the Honorary Freedom of the City of London during a ceremony at London’s Guildhall.